Equitable Transit Oriented Development Strategy Study (Perkins & Will)

CapMetro in collaboration with the City of Austin and Austin Transit Partnership led the trailblazing Equitable Transit Oriented Development (ETOD)Strategy Study. The ETOD Study focuses on equitable outcomes for all future growth in the 98 station areas anticipated under “Project Connect,” a voter-approved transit expansion plan. This study is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to implement policies in the advancement of major infrastructure construction such that it mitigates displacement pressures and ensures that everyone, especially historically marginalized communities of color, can benefit from transit connectivity. The study developed 46 equitable policies to prioritize underrepresented voices, aligning transit and housing strategies across multiple agencies to prevent displacement of existing communities and enhance their access to economic opportunity. The policies were categorized under five themes: Small Business & Workforce Development, Housing Affordability, Mobility, Land Use & Urban Design, and Real Estate & Finance Strategies. The City Council adopted the ETOD policies in March 2023.

Project Team:

Owner/Client: CapMetro in partnership with the City of Austin and Austin Transit
Transportation Planning & Project Management: Nelson\Nygaard
Land Use & Public Realm Planning, Station Area Planning: Perkins & Will
Economic Analysis, Policy Development: HR&A Advisors
Public Involvement: Cultural Strategies
Public Involvement Support: Asakura Robinson
Stakeholder Engagement Websites: MovitasMobility

Images courtesy of Perkins&Will for CapMetro & City of Austin