WSP’s Steel-Timber (CLT) Hybrid Composite Floor System

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels offer a great low-carbon potential to replace the composite metal deck or precast concrete floor slabs in multi-story buildings. WSP has developed a globally innovative method for improving the structural efficiency of this hybrid construction by providing effective composite action between the CLT and steel beams. A research project, funded by the Forestry Commission, and supported by full-scale testing at the University of Warwick has been undertaken to validate this. Initial findings suggest that a Steel-CLT Composite Floor (SCCF) system can potentially reduce embodied carbon by 60 percent compared to traditional steel-concrete composite floors, with only 40 percent of the mass. This innovation promises to impact at scale—not only providing a beneficial solution for new builds but also a very viable solution for vertical extensions to existing buildings. This addresses the current trend of planning rules and carbon pressures that are pushing many clients to consider adding stories, rather than seeking new premises.

Project Team:

Project Lead: WSP UK Limited
Laboratory Testing: University of Warwick, with testing led by Professor Stephen J. Hicks
Funding: Woods into Management Forestry Innovation Fund administered by the Forestry Commission
CLT panel supplier: Hybrid Structure
Steelwork supplier: Severfield UK, ArcelorMittal

Images courtesy of WSP