KONE SiteFlow

Wouldn’t it be great if during the construction of high-rise buildings productivity could be improved by 20 percent? KONE SiteFlow does just this! During the construction phase of high-rise buildings, key equipment such as cranes, hoists and construction lifts would ideally work at full capacity to shorten construction time and increase profitability. However, a lot of bottlenecks appear due to unknown events, technical defects, and poor planning which all result in delays to the initial schedule. The KONE SiteFlow is a set of digital tools that solve day-to-day logistics challenges immediately on-site with practical tools that give you real-time control over how a designated construction-use elevator functions. SiteFlow enables a real-time situational awareness on-site for operative teams providing actionable insights on how workers and tools move inside the building.

Team Involved in Implementation of Innovation:

Innovation Product Owner: KONE
Contractors/Construction Companies: Multiplex, SRV, Meyer Turku

Learn more about SiteFlow at: https://www.siteflow.kone.com/

Images courtesy of KONE