This award recognizes tall building projects that have integrated extraordinary interior spaces within, which enhance the user experience of the tall building typology and take the solutions and possibilities for interior space desgin to the next level. The criteria for submission are outlined below. It is important to note that, with the exception of the two points regarding completion date eligibility and tall building definitions, a project does not necessarily need to meet every listed criterion. Submissions should demonstrate strengths in areas that are applicable.

  1. The project advances innovative interior space design, achieving seamless integration of architectural form and internal function.
  2. The award may recognize a particular innovative single “volumetric” space (e.g., a multi-story space of unusual size or prominence, such as a sky garden or atrium) or an approach to a collection of spaces, such as innovative workplace or residence configurations. This award does not recognize small-scale, individual residential/office/hotel unit interior design.
  3. The project exhibits sustainable qualities at a broad level:
    • Environment – minimize effects on the natural environment through the innovative uses of materials, energy reduction, and reduced emissions and water consumption.
    • People – has a positive effect on the inhabitants and the quality of human lives.
    • Community – demonstrates relevance to the contemporary and future needs of the community in which it is located.
    • Economic – adds economic vitality to its occupants, owner, and community.
  4. The project achieves a high standard of excellence and quality in its realization.
  5. The space planning and internal organization enable the best possible outcomes regarding the intended use of the space and the desires of the occupier/user.
  6. The interior project may be a new-build fit out, refurbishment, or renovation, and may be located in a building of any age, as long as the below criteria are satisfied regarding the completion of the interior work itself.
  7. The interior project must be completed within the 24-month eligibility window for a given year. For the  awards, a project must have a completion date between January 1,  and December 31, .
  8. Projects submitted for the Interior Design Award must be located in a building that meets the CTBUH definition requirements for a “building,” noting that telecommunications/observation towers are not eligible for CTBUH awards. A tall building can be classed as such if at least 50% of its height is occupied by usable floor area. Projects must also be located in “tall” buildings. If a project is less than 14 stories, or less than 50 meters, it is unlikely to qualify. Please contact if you are unsure if your specific project will qualify.
  9. The contributions of the interior project should be generally consistent with the values and mission of the CTBUH.