• All project data (Completion Date, Heights, Function, Structure Type, etc.) should follow CTBUH Tall Building Criteria, which can be found here.
  • Please prepare the below materials to ensure that your submission is completed efficiently.
  • Project Information

    • Basic Info: Name, Status, and General Overview


    Written Description

    The submission will ask the submitter to describe the following:

    • The discipline/field the innovation is most closely related to
    • Implementation and the research/testing process
    • How the innovation push the design of tall buildings to a higher level
    • How this innovation is adaptable to influence future tall building design
    • The project team involved in the development/implementation of this innovation


    Consent & Rights to Usage

    Participation consent: although there is no charge to submit to the awards program, all winning projects must be CTBUH Organizational Members and commit to present at the annual CTBUH International Conference and attend the Awards Ceremony & Dinner.

    Right to usage of materials: all submitted text, images, and drawings may be published in CTBUH print and digital publications. This submission requires at least one drawing and/or image to further explain the innovation.

    Further information on Participation Consent & Rights to Usage of Materials can be found on the official submission form.