This award recognizes a specific area of recent innovation in a tall building project that has been realized in a design, implemented during construction/operation, or thoroughly tested and documented for its suitability in a high-rise. Unlike the CTBUH Best Tall Building Awards, which consider each project holistically, this award is focused on one special area of innovation within the design, construction, or operation of the project – not the building overall. The areas of innovation can embrace any discipline, including but not limited to technical breakthroughs, construction methods, design approaches, urban planning, building systems, façades, and interior environment. The important criteria for judging is that the submission outlines succinctly the area of innovation, in comparison to standard benchmarks.

  1. The project must clearly demonstrate a specific area of innovation within the design and/or construction that is new and pushes the design of tall buildings to a higher level.
  2. The area of innovation should demonstrate an element of adaptability that would allow it to influence future tall building design, construction or operation in a positive way.
  3. The Innovation Award can include recognition of a breakthrough that may not yet have been implemented in a specific building, but has been thoroughly tested.
  4. This award is intended to recognize a single element of innovation within a project. If a single project has multiple innovative elements, these must be submitted as separate nominations.