The Tall Building Life Safety Design Award, formerly known as the Fire & Risk Engineering Award, recognizes projects that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of life safety design in tall buildings, and that take the technical solutions and possibilities for tall buildings to the next level. The criteria for submission are outlined below. It is important to note that, with the exception of the two points regarding completion date eligibility and tall building definitions, a project does not necessarily need to meet every listed criterion. Submissions should demonstrate strengths in areas that are applicable.

  1. The project advances innovative life safety design, perhaps in a configuration that has not been attempted, or achieved, before.
  2. The engineering solutions are efficient, cost-effective, robust, and replicable to other projects.
  3. The design exhibits sustainable qualities at a broad level, minimizing effects on the natural environment.
  4. The project achieves a high standard of excellence and quality in its realization.
  5. A project is eligible for the 2022 award if:
    • The life safety components of the building have been installed on-site and the building is still under construction (according to CTBUH criteria)
    • OR

    • The building has since completed (topped out structurally and architecturally, fully clad, and at least partially occupiable) within a three-year window between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2021.
  6. It should also be noted that, though materials should be sufficient to inform and inspire the jury in making their decision on “Awards of Excellence” winners, supplementary, final photography and other materials can be submitted prior to the final category judging at the conference event.
  7. Projects submitted to all CTBUH awards must meet generally with the ethos around “tall,” as described in the CTBUH Height Criteria Generally speaking, if a project is less than 14 stories, or less than 50 meters, it is unlikely to qualify. Please contact if you are unsure if your specific project will qualify.
  8. The contributions of the project should be generally consistent with the values and mission of the CTBUH.