Best Tall Building Awards are recognized in three categories: (i) by height; (ii) by region; (iii) by function. The sub-categories are shown below;

  • By Height (5 sub-categories): under 100 meters; 100–199 meters; 200–299 meters; 300–399 meters; 400 meters and above
  • By Region (5 sub-categories): Americas; Asia; Australia; Europe; Middle East & Africa
  • By Function (4 sub-categories): office; residential/hotel; mixed-use; other
  • Overall Best Tall Building Worldwide: One project selected from the Overall Category Winners

Note: Projects will automatically be considered for Height, Region, and Function awards, based on the common submission form.


Criteria for Height and Region Best Tall Building Awards

These awards recognize projects that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability and human well-being at the highest and broadest level. The winning projects must also exhibit processes and/or innovations that have added to the profession of design and enhance the cities and the lives of their inhabitants. Other criteria are shown below:

  1. The project advances seamless integration of architectural form, structure, building systems, sustainable design and wellness strategies, innovative space configurations and life safety for its occupants.
  2. The project exhibits sustainable qualities at a broad level:
    • Environment – minimizes effects on the natural environment through proper site utilization, innovative uses of materials, energy reduction, use of alternative energy sources, and reduced emissions and water consumption
    • People – has a positive effect on the inhabitants and their quality of life
    • Community – demonstrates relevance to the contemporary and future needs of the community in which it is located
    • Economic – adds economic vitality to its occupants, stakeholders, and community