The 10 Year Award recognizes proven value and performance (across one or more of a wide range of criteria – see below) over a period of time. This award gives an opportunity to reflect back on buildings that have been completed and operational for a decade, and acknowledge those projects that have performed successfully long after the ribbon-cutting ceremonies have passed.

  1. The building’s performance must be evident, and may include but is not limited to: contribution to urban realm, contribution to culture / iconography, social issues, internal environment / occupant satisfaction, technical / engineering performance (structural engineering, seismic, wind, etc.), environmental performance, fire & safety, and vertical transportation.
  2. For a building to be considered for the CTBUH 10 Year Award, it must have been completed 10 years prior to the current award year. (e.g., for the  awards, a project must have a completion date between January 1,  and December 31, ).

Additional Notes:

  • Awards in some categories may not be conferred on an annual basis if the criteria cannot be clearly met or demonstrated.
  • If a juror is connected with a nominated project, he/she will not be involved in the judging of that project.
  • All projects entered to the CTBUH awards will also be eligible for inclusion in CTBUH’s Skyscrapers book publication which features a global overview of tall building completion annually. The book is published by CTBUH and distributed globally, thus providing excellent promotion for the submitted projects and companies involved.
  • “Award of Excellence” winners are expected to comply with the following responsibilities:
    • Representatives of the project (for Best Tall Building, Urban Habitat, 10 Year, Interior Design, and Renovation categories this must be both the owner/developer and design architect/urban planner/interior architect) must present at the Innovation Conference for consideration of also winning the category overall, with all speakers representing the project needing to be CTBUH organizational members. These presentations will form the basis for the jury’s selection of Overall Category Winners.
    • Attend the annual Awards Ceremony & Dinner at the close of the Innovation Conference to collect the award(s).
    • Support the Council, who do not charge any fees to administer the awards program, by all speakers paying the subsidized speaker registration rate at the Conference.